Gettysburg College Choral Program
Audition Information and Instructions - Spring 2021

We're glad to have you join a vibrant choral community. Our goal is to get everyone into the right voice part and the right choir(s). Auditions will be held online because of COVID-19. We've tried to streamline the process to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Please visit the choir webpages for general information about all of the choirs. There's also a FAQ with questions and answers about choir. 

If you sang last semester and wish to return to the same group(s), there is no need to re-audition. Read the email sent by Dr. Natter and follow those instructions.
If you are new to the program, or wish to participate in a group that you did not sing in last semester, please audition through this process. 

Auditions for all choirs are due by Wednesday, Feb. 3rd at 5:00pm.

Even though auditions aren't due until Wednesday, most groups will meet (remotely) during the first week.
If you are interested in Audeamus, you should come to class (Zoom link) on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:30am.  
Concert Choir singers should attend (Zoom link) on Wednesday evening at 7:30.  
You are welcome to audition for College Choir or Camerata, but spots are limited in those groups - you should only attend if invited to do so. 

Don't delay - get your audition done early!

The audition is a two-step process. This web page will give you the instructions and tools to learn what to do during the audition, and a link at the bottom of this page will take you to the form where you will give information about yourself and record your audition.

To complete the audition you will need a computer with a microphone (a built-in mic is fine for this - no special equipment needed), or you can complete everything on your phone or a tablet.  That said, it will likely be easier to learn the music on a computer, with its larger screen.  You may wish to have your computer open for the music, but record items on your phone.

For the audition I want to hear your range and tone, and some prepared music. You will make three small recordings, right into your computer/phone.

These are the same materials from auditions in the Fall - this should make it easier for everyone!

Part 1: Row, Row, Row Your Boat

You'll sing two renditions of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," once lower in your range, and once higher in your range. This will show your range, tone quality and tuning. 

If you don't happen to know the song, that's OK. Go to the Wikipedia page to learn it. There you will find music and a recording. (There's also a fascinating article about it's orgins and alternate lyrics.)

Some singers may feel that this song is rather basic for an audition, but I can tell a lot about your singing from this song.  Here's what I'm looking for.

Use the keyboard below to experiment with a good starting pitch for your music.

"C4" = "middle C" on the piano.
(Buttons are there in case your device is skinnier than the keyboard)

Part 2: Prepared Music Exercise

You'll learn your part for a 16-measure passage of the piece below, which is by Henry Purcell, a 17th-century English composer. Once you've learned it well, you'll record it right into the audition form. This time you won't have to sing by yourself. You'll sing along with a recording.

How do I learn the piece?

You may wish to open the music in another window in your computer, or even print it out.

There's a music player above so you can hear the piece. This might be sufficient for you to learn the passage.

If you have access to piano or keyboard, you can use it to learn your part. You can also give yourself a pitch and learn it by sight-reading!

You may also want to use a special program called ChoralWorks to help you learn your individual part. You can play your part by itself by turning off the other voice parts. When you've gained some confidence, turn the other voice parts back on and sing along with them. Finally, turn off your voice part, and sing it with just the other voice parts playing. When you can do that, you're ready!

Try out the ChoralWorks version of the exercise

What am I looking for?

That's all there is to it. There's a bit of preparation involved, but the actual audition should only take about 10 minutes. 

How will I know when I'm ready to do the audition?

Then proceed to this website, where you'll fill out a form with some information about yourself, and do the actual recordings.

I'm ready! Take me to the Audition Form

Some additional thoughts

What if I need help?

We want to make sure that you get into the right choir(s) and the right voice part. The technology should not get in the way. Don't give up: ask for help if you need it.